Deluxe Eco Kitchen Bundle - SAVE 20%

Deluxe Eco Kitchen Bundle - SAVE 20%

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We love our Deluxe Eco Kitchen Bundle because it includes everything you need for a plastic-free kitchen! Featuring some of our best-selling products such as the Kitchen Waffle Cloths and Cotton Mesh Bag.


This zero-waste bundle will also give you the chance to try out our new Solid Dish Bar which is gaining rave reviews for its cleansing fragrance and grease-busting powers. Plus our handmade Eco Resin Soap Dish Holder - a beautiful and sleek way to store your Dish Soap whilst aiding drainage. 



1 x Kitchen Waffle Cloths - 3 Pack

1 x Cotton Mesh Produce Bag w/ Neil Charm

1 x Loofah Soap Rest

1 x Coconut & Mint Dish Washing Soap Bar (151g)

1 x Eco Resin Soap Dish Holder

1 x Neil Pot Brush 


      • Neil Pot Brush: Allow the brush to dry between uses and do not leave sitting in water.
      • Solid Dish Washing Bar: Wet your sponge or brush and rub Dish Bar to create suds. (Unlike washing up liquid, this won't go very bubbly or foam.) Wash items and rinse well. Works in warm or cold water however, we prefer warm water for the best results. Suitable for all water types.
      • Eco Resin Soap Dish: To clean your soap dish, wash in warm soapy water.

      • Kitchen Waffle Cloths: Machine wash up to 60 degrees and allow to air dry.


      Why We Love It:

      • Our Eco Resin Soap Dish Holder is a beautiful way to display your soap. The minimalist design is handmade from Jesmonite, an eco-alternative to resin, plaster, or concrete. 
      • The Solid dish Washing Bar is equivalent to 6 x 300ml bottles of washing up liquid and will last approx 5 months when used daily - think of how many plastic bottles you'll save!
      • Our cute Neil Pot Brush is 100% compostable and vegan. The extra-tough plant bristles are perfect for scrubbing stubborn dirty pots and pans.
      • The chunky Soap Lift is made from natural loofah and helps to elevate your soap or shampoo bar. Fully compostable.
      • Cotton Kitchen Waffle Cloths are the perfect plastic-free alternative to polyester cloths. You receive three in a pack allowing you to wash on rotation. 
      • The Cotton Mesh Bags are a kitchen must-have! The perfect size to store smaller items such as potatoes and onions. Made with breathable mesh fabric to keep your produce fresher for longer.
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    Sooo soft!

    These cleansing pads are great. They are so soft and lovely to use.


    Love that it can be machine washed

    Great alternative to plastic bin liners 🌍


    my favourite ecoswaps

    Plastic bin bags are one of the things I have wanted to change since I started being more eco friendly. It looks and feels strong and I already know this is going to me one of my favourite ecoswaps.


    So pleased!

    t’s so easy to use, the handle underneath means that it’s not messy and the 30ltr is a great size because it wasn’t too heavy! I put some hot water in, pulled the drawstring, sloshed it about and through in some essential oils and there was no smell and it was ready to use again! I thought I might have to wash it everytime but I defo won’t!


    Amazing skin

    I've been using the We are Moonie konjac sponge for a few weeks now and it's a complete revelation. I either use a tiny bit of cleanser or none at all. It leaves my skin so clean and soft. I've ordered one for my son and husband today.. as they keep stealing mine. One of the best eco finds of 2021.

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