Reusable Bin Liner - 80 Litres

Reusable Bin Liner - 80 Litres


Great to use for rubbishlaundry, or storage - simply empty out and pop in the washing machine.


Remove the need for single-use bin liners! These handmade liners are waterproofreusable, and machine washable. They are made with black PUL fabric which features a waterproof lining and a drawstring that allows them to fit multiple bin sizes and also grants you to hang the bag. We've designed a handle on the bottom to make it easier to empty the liner. As well as this we've created a seamless bottom to help prevent leaks.



  " ...I have washed it several times on a long wash cycle. It always comes out like new! Strong material and robust stitching. Great product to have!"

- customer review 



Suitable uses:

  • Laundry bag
  • Garden waste
  • Kitchen bin
  • Bedroom bin
  • Nappy bin
  • Camping


Each bin is handmade in Weymouth, Dorset.
- Seamless bottom to prevent leaks
- PVC-free eco PUL fabric
- A great alternative to plastic bin bags

- Stronger than compostable bin liners


This reusable bin bag measures approx - 70(w)x95(h)cm and fits most big bins.


Please note: Any orders that contain pre-order items will be shipped all together with the pre-order. Please refer to our Delivery page for more details.


    Machine Washable


    Seamless Bottom

    Reinforced stiching



    Dimensions 70(w)x81(h)cm 

    Fits most medium-sized bins

    80 litre capacity


    Made from Eco PUL black fabric and cotton.

    Machine wash up to 40 degrees or wipe clean. 

  • FAQ's

    How Do You Use It?

    Simply use like you would with a normal bin liner! When full, remove the liner, empty the contents into your wheelie bin and place the Reusable Liner back into your bin! If dirty, you can wipe clean or put in the washing machine on 40 degrees. 


    Is It Strong?

    The material we use is extremely durable -  much stronger than a plactic bag or compostable bin bags. Corners are reienforced for extra strength.  


    Can I Put Loose Rubbish In My Wheelie Bin?

    It's best to check with your local council as each location differs.


    What is PUL fabric?

    Locally sourced, PUL is a hardwearing and waterproof fabric. It has two layers - one of which has a layer of polyurethane which makes the product water-resistant. 

    The polyurethance is made from renewable materials ( vegetable oil ) rather than mineral oil - this is a much better option for the environment.  The material also undergoes a unique process which permanently melt-bonds the waterproof film to the fabric without any toxic solvents. 

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Sooo soft!

These cleansing pads are great. They are so soft and lovely to use.


Love that it can be machine washed

Great alternative to plastic bin liners 🌍


my favourite ecoswaps

Plastic bin bags are one of the things I have wanted to change since I started being more eco friendly. It looks and feels strong and I already know this is going to me one of my favourite ecoswaps.


So pleased!

t’s so easy to use, the handle underneath means that it’s not messy and the 30ltr is a great size because it wasn’t too heavy! I put some hot water in, pulled the drawstring, sloshed it about and through in some essential oils and there was no smell and it was ready to use again! I thought I might have to wash it everytime but I defo won’t!


Amazing skin

I've been using the We are Moonie konjac sponge for a few weeks now and it's a complete revelation. I either use a tiny bit of cleanser or none at all. It leaves my skin so clean and soft. I've ordered one for my son and husband today.. as they keep stealing mine. One of the best eco finds of 2021.

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