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Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide

This Christmas, we want to focus on conscious gifting. Let's celebrate buying less and buying better. Each gift has been designed thoughtfully with the planet in mind. Guilt-free gifting has never been easier, discover our guide to eco-friendly Christmas gifts.


Why choose eco-friendly gifts?

Christmas is often very excessive and it's easy to get carried away. Waste is abundant from wrapping paper, Christmas trees, and unwanted gifts. We wanted to create a Christmas collection that was sustainable, low-waste, and vegan-friendly. Keep scrolling to find out how you can gift greener this year.

​Eco Beauty Gift Set


A truly special gift, jam-packed with skin-loving surprises, like our Reusable Cotton Pads and Konjac Facial Sponge, which help to keep your beauty routine low-waste. This eco gift set is handcrafted with love and joy. It’s made with recycled paper and stitched sealed with organic cotton.


​Eco Grooming Gift Set


Treat someone special to our new collection of planet-friendly surprises. This includes our best-selling Bamboo Toothbrush and Konjac Body Sponge plus, our Wooden Hair/beard comb which is exclusive to the set.


"We had so much fun designing and making these new gift sets. We wanted to create a range which bought joy to your loved ones whilst supporting an independent British brand and of course, the planet." - Kia, Moonie Co-founder


Reusable Cotton Gift Bags from £4.95

It’s important to choose Christmas gifts that are made with natural materials so that we can do our part to help reduce the amount of plastic in the environment. By choosing more our products, you also support a small family business.

Our Reusable Bottle Bags are plastic-free and perfectly proportioned to fit your favourite tipple. Specially handmade in the UK to store wine, olive oil, kombuca...the options are endless. Plus, these feature our brand mascot - Neil. Available in two sizes.

Handmade Wooden 'Neil' Christmas Tree Decoration £5.95

Can we take a moment to appreciate how cute these are? A plastic-free decoration for those who can't get enough of our brand mascot, Neil. These eco-friendly ornaments are sustainably made in the UK and available in two colours - Festive Red or Original Brown.



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