Solid Dish Soap Sample Set

Solid Dish Soap Sample Set


Not sure if a Solid Dish Washing Bar is right for your home or lifestyle? Try our sample sized soap which includes a chunky Soap Lift to keep your worktop clean and dry. We have no doubt you're going to love this!



1 x Dish Washing Soap Bar (30g)

1 x Loofah Soap Lift (100% compostable)


    Handmade in Dorset

    Palm Oil Free

    SLS Free

    Compostable Packaging

    Natural Ingredients 


    Crueltry Free

    Zero Waste

    Long Lasting


    Allow bar to dry between uses.

    Made with biodegradable, vegan ingredients.  

    Size: 30g

  • FAQ's

    How Do You Use It?

    Only a small amount is needed - this bar will last you a long time! Simply rub your damp cloth, sponge, or brush into the bar until it becomes soapy. Then, wash your dishes as normal. This bar doesn't produce bubbles like usual washing up liquid but that's ok - this will clean your dishes just as well ( if not better! ).

    Is It Suitable For Hard Water Areas?

    Our Solid Dish Washing Bar has been tested in both soft and hard water areas. We are pleased to confirm it works great in both. 

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